DACE Lead Tester

02 Aug 2017
30 Aug 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

DACE Lead Tester Leading a small team of testers with skills in web analytics, business intelligence and ETL testing, you'll be a vital member of our brand new Data & Analytics Centre of excellence. We're driving forward all kinds of projects to achieve all kinds of challenges - from predicting customer behaviour, to scheduling driver deliveries, to optimising store space. Your team will use data from source systems to improve quality. They'll format, remodel, aggregate, and more - all so it can be used by teams ranging from reporting to data science, to make fresh breakthroughs. At the heart of every bold projects is a commitment to changing the game for the benefit of Sainsbury's customers. Rigorous testing underpins everything we do, which is why you'll enjoy such a rewarding role. Day to day team management will involve creating test plans and coaching testers. But you'll go beyond that, to provide real thought leadership. You will develop a test strategy, not only for individual projects, but also for our overall approach to testing. You'll introduce frameworks, principles, standards and processes. Introducing and driving test standards will be a key focus for you. We will look to you to make sure we do the right thing by complying with data protection rules and data governance policies. You will coordinate the creation of a set of testing packs using sensitive production data. Crucially, you'll also drive forward the automation of as much testing as possible. We will expect you to develop how testing is done, by coming up with a roadmap for simplification and automation. By doing so, you'll reduce manual effort, enable a measurable improvement in quality, and make life easier for testers, developers and business users. The impact you make will be visible - and will unlock fresh opportunities. Sainsbury's offers you unique scope to work with a vast amount and extraordinary diversity of data. You'll contribute to a wide range of applications, in all kinds of areas, to improve the performance of the company. You will help us to explore innovations ranging from the use of real time feeds, to exploring the potential of the internet of things, to web analytics - and beyond. And you'll do it all in a multi-platform environment which gives you exposure to everything from Teradata and BI tools through to Big Data (Hadoop) and brand new, modern data platforms. So what are we looking for? With proven experience of leading a testing team, you demonstrate a strong understanding of the full BI project lifecycle, especially ETL and ELT processing. Knowledge of 3rd Normal Form and Dimensional models, as well as understanding of open source and Hadoop based architecture, will be vital. Ideally, you'll have experience of agile scrums and test automation. You will certainly bring to the role a pragmatic approach to testing, with an understanding of how to prioritise. It is your confident, engaging way of working with stakeholders and dealing with challenges that really sets you apart. Closing date: 01/09/17 To find out more information and to apply - please click the APPLY button.