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04 Sep 2017
19 Sep 2017
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Become a successful web developer with OpenClassrooms!

OpenClassrooms is the leading online education platform in Europe delivering vocational training, certificates and degrees. We have more than 2 million members who are upskilling and changing careers with our curricula specialised in digital and tech skills.

With OpenClassrooms you can learn a skill set from A to Z, earn an internationally recognised Bachelor's Degree AND land yourself a successful web developer job.

Indeed, it's all possible with our learning path in Frontend Web Development.

The path is structured in the following way:

• It gives you all the hands-on experience you'll need to start working in the real world. That's why we have designed projects that you will give you a strong portfolio of real-life cases you've worked on to show employers. It's better than a CV.
• You will never walk alone as you will get a dedicated mentor who will help you with your projects, exercises and who will offer you advice on how to get a job successfully.
• You will receive a Bachelor's Degree at the end which is recognised internationally.

The path is delivered fully online and for 12 months (or less depending on time commitment). The monthly cost associated with the degree is GBP300 per month which brings the total cost to GBP3,600 (far less than GBP27,000 for three years at a British university). Bear in mind that web developers are also amongst the highest earning jobs with starting salaries reaching up to GBP45,000 per annum.

So why not start your new career as a Frontend Web Developer today with OpenClassrooms?

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