Database and Reporting Service Manager

Single Source Regulations Office
12 Sep 2017
09 Oct 2017
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We are seeking a highly talented individual to manage the SSRO's key database for defence contract information and maintain the associated reporting guidance. The Database and Reporting Service Manager will play a key role in the day to day operation of the database, as well as coordinating and inputting into initiatives to drive improvements in data quality, user experience and guidance through ongoing system development and improvement. Engaging with stakeholders will be central to creating an active community of users and accelerate adoption.

A message from Marcine Waterman, Chief Executive of the SSRO:

"Thank you for your interest in the SSRO.

Working for the SSRO makes a difference. We are a young organisation with an important role to play - assuring value, and building confidence.

As the independent regulator of the UK government's procurement of non-competed military goods, works and services, we oversee public spending on a large scale. Single source procurement represents around 55 per cent of new Ministry of Defence (MOD) contracts and the MOD spent approximately GBP9 billion on these contracts in 2015/16.

Assuring value: We provide assurance that the single source procurement regime is credible, transparent and provides value for money for the taxpayer in the absence of competition.

Building confidence: As the independent regulator of single source procurement, our work will build confidence in non-competitive procurement, from:
  • Defence contractors, who will receive clear guidance on Allowable Costs, a fair profit and an independent third-party view.
  • Our armed forces, who are entitled to receive the operational capability they need, on time and to budget.
  • Taxpayers, who will benefit from appropriate transparency on costs and assurance that their money is being spent appropriately and effectively.
By working for the SSRO you will be an important part of a dynamic organisation. Our staff have a range of professional skills, and include accountants, bankers, analysts, economists, researchers and military experts.

Through the work of the Regulation and Economics Directorate, we want the SSRO to be fully engaged and considered to be the trusted go-to source on the analysis of the data that we collect. We are well placed and willing to provide useful information to the MOD and the tax payer including data analysis and benchmarking regarding a range of single source contracting issues such as contracting methods, direct and indirect costs, and profits.

Your work will directly contribute to the SSRO's two aims. The first is to ensure that good value for money is obtained for the UK taxpayer in MOD expenditure on qualifying defence contracts (QDCs). The regime has the potential to deliver significant savings, which can be reinvested elsewhere in defence.

The SSRO's second aim is to ensure that single source suppliers are paid a fair and reasonable price under QDCs. The regime can help to foster a more efficient and productive defence industry, incentivised to control costs by innovating and so becoming better able to compete for exports, thus contributing to greater UK economic prosperity.

Meeting these aims is a significant challenge. It requires a motivated team with the right blend of skills and experience, and a positive attitude to get the job done. We would like to hear from you, and I encourage you to apply."

What will I be doing?

We have created a new role - Database and Reporting Service Manager - to manage the SSRO's "Defence Contracts Analysis and Reporting System" (DefCARS) and the associated Reporting and DefCARS User Guidance. DefCARS is the central system for the capture, storage and analysis of all data submitted in accordance with the regulatory framework. Defence contractors submit data relating to single source contracts into this secure database, so that the MOD can utilise this data for contract management and analysis purposes. Data collected through defence contract reports contain a range of data about contract requirements, payments, estimated and actual costs and profit, factors affecting delivery and sub-contracts, while supplier reports provide information about the undertaking's overheads, engagement with small and medium-sized enterprises and industrial capacity. These standardised reports provide the SSRO with a range of information needed to discharge its statutory functions. The SSRO Reporting and DefCARS User Guidance assists defence contractors with completing statutory reporting requirements.

The Database and Reporting Service Manager will be an integral member of the Regulation and Economics Directorate, providing service management of the SSRO's work on reporting and DefCARS, including stakeholder liaison and managing of the service including through day to day managing of the contract with the third party that hosts and develops the database. You will report to senior colleagues who have oversight of the database and responsibility for the SSRO's Reporting and DefCARS User Guidance.

Data entered into DefCARS will be central to the SSRO's current and future work programmes, so this role needs a consummate professional to ensure that the system and user guidance can deliver what is required of it. To meet this challenge, you will have excellent project management skills, which can be applied in a range of settings, and good experience of using these to manage an operational service. You will produce and maintain key project documentation and ensure database and guidance activities are kept on track and within budget. Data security is the key priority for the database; you will need to demonstrate a strong awareness of data security, and ensure the data segregation and security of contractors' data is upheld.

In addition, you will need stakeholder management experience to understand different user requirements and ensure current and potential users are engaged and committed to the system. You will log and track issues reported internally and by external stakeholders, to ensure the system remains fully operational and meets user needs, and the guidance provides clear instructions on the data required. You will drive developments to DefCARS and the Reporting and DefCARS User Guidance, which will lead to improvements in data quality and user experience, and input into, and help co-ordinate, work to procure the subsequent contract for hosting.

You will be able to engage with people from junior colleagues through to key external stakeholders to co-ordinate activity required. You will be able to communicate complex ideas clearly, succinctly and persuasively. You will have a track record of working successfully in complex, dynamic and sometimes fast-paced environments, delivering projects on time and within budget. This is not a technical IT role, but experience of providing programme, project and service management for databases, and experience of working appropriately with data that is confidential or commercially sensitive in nature, would be desirable.

  • Programme co-ordination and reporting for all activities, developments and stakeholder engagement for DefCARS, and the Reporting and DefCARS User Guidance.
  • Lead the management of the operational service and development of the database including:
    • acting as the day to day operational interface between the SSRO and the third party that hosts and develops the database, managing the current contract and reviewing performance;
    • liaising with internal and external stakeholders and the system developers to log, monitor and feedback on system issues;
    • overseeing monthly system updates and co-ordinating and carrying out user acceptance testing;
    • co-ordinating and assisting with training on the system and promoting its use;
    • working closely with SSRO IT colleagues to ensure the security of the system is maintained;
    • engaging with and presenting to stakeholders in the SSRO, MOD and industry to keep them informed of system activities, seek feedback (user insight) and monitor how well the system is meeting user requirements;
    • initiating proposals for system improvements, and project managing the implementation of further system development; and
    • input to the procurement management and co-ordination of the specification for the subsequent contract for the database, ensuring that key learning from the current contract is incorporated.
  • Co-ordinate and support the development of Reporting and DefCARS User Guidance including:
    • playing a key role in engaging with the SSRO's stakeholders in the MOD and industry on reporting issues to increase awareness and expand the user community;
    • collating and reviewing DefCARS and Reporting and DefCARS User Guidance feedback and ensuring feedback is incorporated into the evolution of the guidance; and
    • leading on the developments and improvements to reporting as required, co-ordinating the work of colleagues from across the SSRO, and making substantial personal contributions to these.
  • Secretary for and co-ordinate the work arising from:
    • the SSRO's Reporting and IT Sub-Group for industry and MOD representatives; a forum for obtaining stakeholder feedback on the Reporting and DefCARS User Guidance and the database; and
    • the SSRO's internal reviews of reporting, data quality and database issues and improvements.
  • Provide programme and project management of other SSRO work as required.
  • Promote the SSRO's values.
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