Independent Sales Executive

45000.00 - 120000.00 GBP Annual + GBP45000 - GBP120000/annum Active and passive fee in
12 Sep 2017
10 Oct 2017
Contract Type
Independent Business Development Executive
Opportunity: High and residual income
Experience: Minimum 20 years business experience.
Location: Open. Currently targeting London Area.

An opportunity to work independently as part of an international team and build a high and repeat passive income. Offering unique and in demand lucrative services through a tried and tested system.
Success Moves is a very special recruitment company.
1. Range of unique in demand products with a marketing system to promote them.
2. 60 to 80% of all fee income paid to our Partners.
3. Low fixed costs making us stronger and our Partners paid more.

We seek experienced business executives who have achieved greatly. They now want to work on their own terms, be independent and have the lions share of the profit they bring in.

As an Independent Business Development Executive, you will have all the advantages of your own business without any of the costs, risks and administration. Compared to someone in the recruitment industry for equal performance you will earn more than double. We do not pay out for non-producers or carry unnecessary fixed costs, we pay those savings to our partners. Your location can be anywhere we see it as an asset. You can relocate and keep your employment and further increase your living standard by earning UK rates by say living in Spain for example, with less than half the cost of living.

You will want to earn fast and as nearly everything we do takes a deposit, that will happen to those who take action. Your focus though will be on building a passive repeat income for the long term. A business that is ultimately not dependent on your input for payment.

All Independent Business Executives are on the same remuneration contract. We are modelled on a professional practice of say accountants or lawyers. Where everyone is a partner in their own business under the overall corporate umbrella.

You will want to be free to choose the hours you work. You will have a wealth of experience, contacts, high goals and most importantly self-discipline and confidence. If you need a boss to direct you and basic to feel secure you are not for us. We do have a system that works to get you earning fast.

Our key products in recruitment are unique. G.R.I.P Interview Process Days, Sales Partnership Contracts. We go out of our way to innovate and create new products that match current market needs and also mean that we have no competition. Makes selling much easier.

On joining we will help you build your own portfolio and supply training. We have a system utilising LinkedIn that works. Messaging, networking and managing niche groups with our proven methods. There are thousands of LinkedIn Director level people asking for help recruiting or posting recruitment frustrations every day. We assist you to build your own group and build an automated lead process. You will be focused on talking and visiting these warm and hot leads to close business. We are targeting a certain profile of client that will give us all their business and repeat order every month proving a passive income once set up. You will find that most prospects close themselves on visiting our website and other online information. You can work company provided leads from others in the company although that will mean shared fees. As new client prospecting is easy you will no doubt want your own full portfolio.

Initially you will be trained and supported including closing visits for your account.

Our success profile is
1. At least 20 years of business experience in:
a) A sector to which you will be recruiting.* or
b) A recruitment industry/ human relations background.
c) Senior level management consultancy.

2. Clear financial goals in terms of income and residual.
3. Self-disciplined and focused to work under your own supervision

*We are particularly looking for people with experience, knowledge backgrounds in in: Fintech and Digital, Marketing, Renewable Energy, Home improvements, Property, Travel and Tourism, Financial Services, Accountancy.

You can focus on business development and account management with the option of later being trained on the recruitment itself. Or leave the actual recruitment to those who specialise in it.

Remuneration Fees
You repeatedly earn on every client you close business with.
Fees paid out on each deal are between 55-80% of each receipt you have worked on. the balance funding the company, job boards, websites, IT, administration, accounting, head office functions etc.
There are percentage fee shares for marketing (opening), closing deals, ongoing account management, recruitment and management of others.
You own the fee rights of the clients you bring in and service, under a secure contract. No employee gets such rights making our offer truly secure and under your control.

You have nothing to pay to centre ever. All company services are taken out of the margin to the company.
You are expected to provide your own PC/laptop/mobile.

Self-Employed Status
We want people that think and behave like entrepreneurs. We believe if that you participate in building the business you are entitled to a piece of it. As such we have structured the business to cater for experienced executives who might be in any location, or want to work in different ways. As self-employed you will be able to claim all of your business expenses against tax meaning you keep more of what you earn. You can add a Success Moves operation to a current business.

Is there a contract?
Yes. It will give you clear ownership and income rights.
To move this exciting opportunity forward contact Alex McMillan or email below

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